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Horror Themed Games For Your Halloween Event

Our horror themed games are all based on tried and tested traditional funfair stalls. We took our most popular games such as the hoopla, dressed them with some of our range of props, changed the bright coloured interior for a black version and added skulls to throw the rings over instead of blocks. Similarly on the coconut shie, instead of wooden balls knocking coconuts off, you know throw rubber eyes to knock skulls off.

The current range of games are listed to the right, along with their traditional funfair equivalent.

For a really spectacular effect, the games units can be combined with our range of props and backdrops to create a fully themed room with gravestones, sound effects, zombies and more.

One of our range of stocks complete with 3 decapitated and rotting heads, oh sorry the one in the middle is still alive. and attached to its owner
A variation on the old funfair favourite hoopla, can you ring the skulls to win a prize.

Our Current Horror / Halloween Games List

Skull Hoopla                         (Hoopla)

Werewolf Shoot                   (Cork Gun Shooting)

Vampire Crossbow               (Mini Crossbows)

Stake Through The Heart     (Test Your Strength)

Knock The Skulls Off            (Coconut Shie)

EyeBall In The Buckets         (Ball In The Bucket)

We are adding new games all the time and when booking stalls you will be supplied with an up to date list.

One of our zombie props

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